We are full-time travelers

Our team has a taste for travel and ventures to every corner of the globe to find hidden gems that deserve to be brought to light. Following a trail of recommendations, travel articles and luck encounters we offer experiences worth living.

Bored with the usual tours and activities listed everywhere we set ourselves to create a travel platform selecting only the most passionate vendors and unique experiences.

By making it easy to tick off our bucket lists and find inspiration, we want everybody to travel the way we like to: disconnected from the crowds, connected to the destination.

The Experiences

There is nothing more exciting than to return changed from a trip. Our experiences are challenging, authentic, unfamiliar, fascinating, but never ordinary.

We like learning new stuff about ourselves and our selection reflects that.

We are slightly mischievous and like bending rules, going further than we are told to go. We test the trips we offer and are just a bit jealous that you will be enjoying yourselves this time!

Experts Wanted

The providers we list are usually small companies or individuals who have a major passion for what they do. They chose to lead their lives and to invest all their energy in the experience they offer and we respect them for that. We tend to stay away from large companies who might be good at many things but great at none. Our only rating is the number of sparks we see in the experts’ eyes when speaking face to face with them.

If you feel you have an experience worth sharing with the world, do get in touch!

Our Guarantees

Because traveling is not always fun, shit happens, we set out for the best but also prepare for the worse. Our guarantees are set in stone and define our company:

- Full support around the clock by email or call
- We verify providers thoroughly by a full background check
- You will have a point of contact with us at any point of your trip
- Our price is guaranteed same as buying directly from the operator

Press and Testimonials

Some of the press recommending the experiences we offer

What people say about us

LA Times

“I became a fan once I saw the pictures of Sail to Hornstrandir in the West Fjords […]. The more I looked, the more itineraries I found that I needed to add to my bucket list”


“WorthyTravelers talked about being “disconnected from the crowds, connected to the destination.” That’s a nice tagline”

The Bike Shed

“In partnership with bucket-list, life-experience provider, Worthy Travelers”

How the process works

Click on Book

Your booking is confirmed and paid right away

We send you an email confirmation and put you in touch with the experience provider

We release the amount to the vendor only when we are sure that your trip starts according to plans

Click on Request to Book

The amount is authorized during 24 hours as we get in touch with the vendor

If confirmed you will receive an email notice as well as your itinerary

If not the amount will never leave your account and you can request another date

From London to the world

Working worldwide we have a base in London from where we operate and manage booking requests, contracts and all the stuff an office usually handles.
Although we are rooted in London our eyes are looking far off at seeking new and exciting destinations. Send us a line if you wish to meet up in person: